About Us

The 4th annual PablOpen will be held at the Deer Valley Country Club on Friday September 12th, 2014. This event is in memory of, and a sporting celebration to, the life of Chad “Pablo” Martin. Chad was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2004 and fought this disease with unwavering courage and a fierce determination to beat cancer. Cancer claimed Chad’s life at the age of 37 and those who were fortunate enough to know him recognized that his battle with a brain tumor defined his character and passion for life. His commitment to those around him was unparalleled and we were touched by how he carried himself with such humility.

PablOpen is an event that has been created, organized and established by friends, family and volunteers. The tournament’s focus is to provide a day of friendship, fun, and of course, golf. Furthermore, the organizers envisioned an opportunity to use the events success as a means to bring light to and support individuals and families who are struggling with the hardships of cancer. PablOpen is an event that has made significant charitable donations in the past and it’s goal is to continue to do so in the future.

Proceeds from PablOpen are donated to those in the surrounding area affected by cancer. Family, friends and volunteers would like to thank Dr. Kelly for his professionalism and continued direction with such delicate matters. It is our hope the PablOpen will alleviate some of the stress and obstacles that cancer can present.

Finally, a special thanks to all who have participated in this event and it’s your generosity that makes the success of this event immeasurable. To those of you who have not yet experienced a PablOpen we welcome all and encourage you to come spend a fantastic day with us.