What We Do

The Pablo Open is a great chance for family and friends to get together and remember Chad and share great stories about his life. We believe that Pablo would love the golf tournament and we strive to honor his legacy every year.

Proceeds raised from this event go to causes close to Chad’s heart. In 2011, the proceeds went to a young boy who was battling brain cancer and a portion went to Kidsport. In 2012 the proceeds went to two young boys who were battling a brain tumor.

A portion of the proceeds from 2012 went to the family of Tyler Puetz from Regina. Little Tyler was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer in September 2012. Tyler was five years old at the time. Tyler underwent treatment for his tumour and bravely fought against this horrible disease. Members of the Pablo Open Family were honoured to meet Tyler and his family while he was in the hospital in Regina. We were touched by his spirit. Our hearts went out to the Puetz family. None of us could imagine having a child undergo such a battle. We know that Pabs would have been there with Tyler in his fight. We were overwhelmed by sadness when we learned that Tyler lost his battle June 15, 2013.

We know that Pablo is hanging out with Tyler in heaven. Those special angels are looking out for Tyler’s parents and his little brother. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Puetz family and we hope we were able to help in some small way.

We believe that Chad would be proud of the work we are doing!!!

2014 Results

Due to the most recent success of the PablOpen, committee members were fortunate enough to donate the 2014 proceeds to several families throughout Saskatchewan. These families are all experiencing the hardships and uncertainty associated with cancer and it is our goal to alleviate some of the financial and emotional pressures. Sarah (13), Jaeden(11), Fuad(12), Jackson(11) and their families graciously accepted PablOpen donations and presenting members were extremely proud to see how the lives of these families were touched. Chad is all about hope and belief and with the continued support and generosity of all involved with PablOpen,we will keep fighting the fight one round at a time. A wholehearted thanks to all and looking forward to seeing you at the 2015 PablOpen!